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Enumerated type ConstructionTechnique

Name: ConstructionTechnique
Definition: General approach to the use of materials to compose a construction, including their nature, treatment and disposition.

Enumerated items

Name Definition
Ceramics Ceramic is used.
Concrete Concrete is used.
    ConcreteInPieces Concrete parts are constructed, and used subsequently.
    MassConcrete Concrete is poured and set in situ, using no reinforcement.
    ReinforcedConcrete Concrete is poured and set in situ, using reinforcement to provide additional strength.
Earth Earth is used.
    ModelledEarth Earth is shaped in situ by using accessories such as frames or ramming poles.
    MouldedEarth Small portions of earth are shaped by using moulds, in order to obtain pieces that are used subsequently.
Fiberglass Fiberglass is used.
Hollowing The material in the environment is used, which is removed to leave a hollowing.
Metalwork Metal is used.
Mortar Mortar is used, which may contain various inorganic compounds plus water, as well as other additives.
Plastic Plastic is used.
Stonework Stone is used, which may be more or less worked before use.
    AshlarStonework Stone blocks are used that have been cut and dressed into ashlars.
    RubbleStonework Stone fragments are used that have not been cut or worked, or barely.
Textile Fabric, leather or other textiles are used.
Vegetal Vegetal elements are used, which can be dried, joined, or combined with others.
Woodwork Wood is used.
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